Top Eight Tips to Create Great Renderings

Architectural renderings are an important component of any construction project. Renderings enable your stakeholders to visualize the architecture of a project as well as get a sense of style, space, and design.  A good rendered design allows views from different angles, mimicking what the space looks like in real life which gives the end client a good sense of the proposed design. 

3D renderings can create a sense of movement and varied textures through visual effects, such as shading, texture mapping, shadows, reflections and motion blur. These effects lend to a more realistic design and helps sell your idea, particularly with interiors. Once done by specialists, more engineers and designers are embracing tools that help them create renderings on their own. 

Renderings are becoming easier than ever to do yourself, however, creating renderings can still be time-consuming and expensive to execute. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to implementing your client’s vision. 

The right perspective is crucial to your design

Many designers struggle with fulfilling what their client is envisioning and beginning with the right perspective is key. Or maybe you’re finding your spaces look lackluster after hours of hard work and you aren’t sure what’s needed. Having a space with details and varied textures helps give the rendering life and further communicates to your stakeholders what the finished design will look like.

We understand it can be hard knowing where to begin and how to give life to your renderings, so we’ve got 8 tips to help make the process a little more painless for you. 

Addressing client feedback and updating the design to meet their needs can be more time consuming then the initial design. Striving to meet deadlines, you can often overlook some of the most important aspects of renderings and miss out on the positive impact good renderings can have on your clients.

A good quality rendering will go a long way in saving costs as well. Having an accurate rendering will help identify any issues early on and help reduce costly mistakes. Renderings can also act as a calling card for your firm,  it’s important they look good so you look good. Sell your firm and your experience through detailed renderings.

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