Room Renderings

Rethink how you inspire your clients by creating 3D renderings in real time.   Either for commercial or residential applications, capture the vision of any space you are looking to create or transform.

Create standard definition or 4K quality static renderings in seconds with Visual Spec Builder. Use this free tool's intuitive editor and library to create renderings and share your projects with clients online.

360° Panoramic Renderings

Impress clients with a 360° interactive panoramic rendering of your interior space. Share these images in client presentations or embed them to your website or social media. Click below to learn more about 360° renderings.

360° rendering accessible via Desktop Application

Building Code

One of the most difficult jobs for an architect/designer is the process of ensuring the room design is code compliant. Depending on the building type and project location, code compliant regulations are constantly updated which may lead to mistakes.

Visual Spec Builder will ensure everything in your rendering will meet and satisfy local building codes. Visual Spec Builder will provide code-compliant, barrier-free, and ADA-compliant product combinations based on the products you have chosen.

Configure Products

Whether it is for a commercial or residential space, users can select products and accessories from Division 9 – 22 to construct dream room renderings.

Using a real-time rules engine, Visual Spec Builder automatically provides compatible product combinations (e.g. pairing the right faucet and sink) saving you time. Compare the look and feel of leading manufacturers' products to find the right match for your design.

Download Formats

Upon completion of your room rendering on Visual Spec Builder, you can save and download from our catalogue of 10+ download formats (i.e. owner presentations, plumbing fixture schedules, submittals, product brochures, long spec, revit). If you are not sure which format works best for you, we offer a preview of all the different options available!

Exclusive to Visual Spec Builder, you can show short product brochures with customized snapshots to your clients to highlight specific features you want to showcase. In addition, you can create packages from the selection formats to help save time of having to find all the information from individual manufacturer websites

VR Ready

Visual Spec Builder immerses you in a first-person experience of the space you have designed. Using your monitor or additionally a Virtual Reality headset such as the HTC Vive, walk through and show your clients your design intent. Make changes in real-time to create alternative solutions to meet the project needs.

VR option only accessible via Desktop Application

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