What is ATS Visual Spec Builder (VSB)?

VSB is a cloud-based tool that allows you to dynamically configure products in 3D space to create real-time high-res room renderings

Is VSB compatible with my mobile device?

No the VSB engine needs more power than a mobile device browser.

Recommended System Requirements:

Processor : i7
GRFX : GTX 1070 (dedicated grfx card)
RAM : 16gb
HD Space : 3gb

Minimum System Requirements:

Processor : i5
GRFX : GTX 1050 (ideally dedicated grfx card)
RAM : 6gb
HD Space : 3gb

How much does Visual Spec Builder cost?

ATS’ services are free to engineers, architects and interior designers through the support of leading manufacturers including American Standard, Bobrick  and others. For a complete list of our sponsors, please see our sponsors summary page.

VSB isn’t loading

Please check your internet connection. Projects opened for the first time in VSB may also take a bit longer to load. If you are still experiencing a long loading time, click on the Live Chat on visualspecbuilder.com

How to enter VR mode in VSB

Click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the VSB tool. You will be launched into VR mode where you can navigate using WASD, the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse in first person mode.

How to take a snapshot in VSB

Click on the camera icon in the top right of your screen. You can view the snapshots taken by clicking on the folder icon to the right of the camera icon.

How can I get training?

There are three ways to get training:

  1. Visit our Help Center
  2. When you launch Visual Spec Builder there is Tutorial
  3. Request a demo from the top navigation menu

How can I get technical support?

Our customer support is available via email or phone for information please call 800-245-1880 or email info@visualspecbuilder.com

Who is ATS (Allied Technical Solutions)?

ATS is an Enterprise cloud-based solution. ATS offers data, information, and system solutions to Architects and Engineers since 1969 on behalf of leading building product manufacturers’ within the commercial construction industry.

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Still Not Found The Answer You Were Looking For?

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