Desktop Version

Desktop Version

Visual Spec Builder can be used as an online web based solution or a desktop application. Both the desktop and web based version have the same functionality with some small differences.


Desktop Version Cloud Version
High Definition Renderings Highest Quality Highest Quality
Shadows Realistic and Present No Shadows
VR Capabilities VR Capabilities Not Supported
Setup Convenience Internet connection/speed will affect download time Quick-Launch from your browser or Spec Tool!

For the best experience your computer should have the following specs:

To Download the Desktop Version

Downloading the Download File may be blocked by the browser. To prevent the file from being blocked, open your browser’s download page and select allow download or mark it as safe as per your browser.

Installing the Download File can also be blocked by antivirus software. Make sure to mark it as safe or deactivating your antivirus to allow the installation to resume.

For the Best Experience:

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor : i5
GRFX : GTX 1050 (ideally dedicated grfx card)
RAM : 6gb
HD Space : 3gb

Recommended System Requirements:
Processor : i7
GRFX : GTX 1070 (dedicated grfx card)
RAM : 16gb
HD Space : 3gb

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